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Music - The Song in My Heart

Music has always been important to me. My mother claims I bounced to Elvis in my high chair. I was singing along with Julie Andrews (and reaching all her high notes) in grade school.

My guitar became my best friend in junior high. I learned to play "The House of the Rising Sun" (in Dm, cuz that's how it was in the book!!) and even finger picked it some. I also learned "Malleguena" (I don't think I spelled that right). I would use it at parties when someone brought out a guitar. I could play just enough of that to keep myself from looking too much like a guitar geek, then I would put it down and let others play.

Musical comedy became my dream in high school. I worked with a group called the Royal Court Players (RCP). Our director was Margaret Dawson. We called her Lady. She cast me as The Incomparable Rosalie in "Carnival!" - I always loved the less than ingenue roles. My favorite song for the character was called "Here's To The Son of A B" - not what you'd expect for high school fare. One of my castmates from this show was James Woods. Last I heard from him he was playing Mephistoffolees in a German touring company of "Cats".

I had hoped to pursue the bright lights of Broadway. I took typing and shorthand in school as preparation for working temporary as I went to job auditions. However, as is frequently the situation for childhood dreams, a child made its appearance and my Broadway dreams remained just that.

I began songwriting when my marriage fell apart. Iíve been immortalized on 45 rpm vinyl and 8-track - okay, so I date myself. My recording career consists of three songs that I wrote myself: "The Urban Cowgirl", "Part-Time Lover", and "I Tried It For Love".

"Urban Cowgirl" was written about the time of the movie "Urban Cowboy" and I put the feminine slant on the song, with appropriate references to Gilley's in Houston. "Part-Time Lover" was for a relationship that seemed to always put me on the back burner, at his convenience. I had hopes for that one until another song with similar title came out in the late 1970's and I figured people would think I had stolen his idea. "I Tried It For Love" was always my favorite. It ends with the tag line, "I tried it for love, this time it's for money."

Karaoke has been a livesaver. It provides me the access to semi-professionally recorded music and a microphone. I won 3rd place in a Karaoke contest in Arizona in 1996. They had the women singing against the men. The first two places went to men, so I always say I won first place in the women's competition!


George Strait is my favorite country music singer. I was a little slow discovering George, even though I lived in Austin, Texas in the 1970-1980's. I didn't get to hear a lot of him until 1989 when the man I married introduced me to him. Our song is "You're Something Special To Me". We saw him live in Las Vegas on our wedding night. I like to say I spent my honeymoon with George Strait. My husband says, "Yeah, but I got to go home with the girl!"


Texas music is the best. Gary P. Nunn and Asleep at the Wheel are my special favorites. I've seen them both on stage at the Broken Spoke in Austin.

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